Another tomato tart recipe


This is in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. It’s from local bakery Craftsman and Wolves. Thought people might enjoy it since there’s been a lot of tomato tart discussion lately. I probably won’t be making it, but if someone does, I’d be curious to know how it turned out.

William Werner’s Tomato Tart

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Shoot! I’ve reached my limit of SF Chronic!e articles! Sounds good though.

An older article



If you google “William Werner’s Tomato Tart”, you will find it. Good luck!

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Every version I’ve found so far leads to the Chronicle.
We love Craftsmen and Wolves.

But I found this in my journey!

Saveur Estela tomato toast recipe

Found it!
william werners tomato tart

And here’s tomato lemon tart on Epicurious

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I made this last year and was quite happy with it. I also made a variation with fresh corn kernels added - I loved that addition!



Interesting! And no mayo!