Another one bites the dust: Croton on Hudson , NY LaMonicas deli closes, Harmon deli opens

Just what Westchester needed, another crappola boars head carrying deli! Truly a loss :neutral_face: It’s strange too because I stopped in during renovations and one of the guys (the owner) said the original owners were coming back like that was something terrific.
Does anyone know why LaMonicas closed?
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I hate those cold cuts. I love places that make their own fresh roast turkey and roast beef, some do ham. So much better. And creative sandwiches.

There was a huge very rare roast beef sitting on a rack cooling, they need to work on it. Don’t let
it fool you it was tasteless and weirdly chewy. Piled onto gummy, tasteless, textureless Italian hero bread I found it to be inedible … the seagulls seemed to like it though.
Flavorless or not, it’s probably only going to be a matter of time before the DOH gets on their case about its “rare” state and that’s too bad.

A& S Marketplace in Mt. Kisco does have Boars Head stuff, and imported stuff, but they make their own turkey which is always moist and very tasty. As is their roast beef and always rare. No issues at all.

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With LaMonica’s gone, A & S in Croton will probably pick up some business.
I was really shocked when I walked in there yesterday, the salamis, cheeses
and everything else including its personality, gone. Replaced by cold. sterile, boring!!!


My husband liked LaMonica’s more than I did (I’m not huge on those loaded Italian sandwiches but he is) but we’ve been there quite a few times since we moved to the area. Too bad the new place is not good. With Green Growler not there any more I wonder how that little strip will fare.

sigh :cry:

His … Italian combo

Hers: eggplant, chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe



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Those are from lamonicas?

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Yes … sadly

My husband will be sad to hear they’re gone. Where is a&s? It’s comparable?

The one in Yonkers is. The one in Croton is in the Croton Commons shopping center … they are not terrible. They (Croton) sell little premade combos, my DH asked for it to be put on better bread and they obliged, better than expected! You can order a custom freshly made combo as well, of course.

Croton commons? Hmm i have to look that up.
Edit… Oh with Memphis maes? It’s there? How did I never notice that.

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Yes in the same shopping center as bagels on Hudson, Memphis Maes … Ha, I didn’t know they were there until LaMonicas was closed about a month or so ago

There is one in MT. Kisco, really not far from where you live. They are the ones that do,the great fresh turkey and rb. Heroes look good.