Another meringue question

My friend in Oregon just made some pavlovas (hence my prior humidity question), and asked if the result would be the same if she used half the sugar.
I’m not sure if she meant half sugar/half noncalorie sweetener or just half the sugar that her recipe called for. She was very Atkins-oriented when she lived in Alaska, but when they moved to OR she realized she’d been missing a lot with all the fresh produce available there. Blackberry vines growing wild up and over onto the deck! I replied “and you’re complaining?”
Anyway, she’s trying to keep the carbs down somewhat, and has gotten very good at finding her way around sugar while still having some sweets. Do any of you know about the meringue issue? She got the pavlova recipe from the July issue of Martha Stewart magazine, and I haven’t looked at how much sugar is in it, or even if it’s a lot, having never made a pavlova…

The answer is yes.

I am surprised by that, I’ve tried cutting the sugar in meringue and had failures so maybe my failure was due to something else … :laughing:

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I’ve had the same experience. The merinque will be chalky instead of marshmallowy. Maybe in a pavlova with all the toppings it’s less noticeable. If I’m folding the meringue like with Japanese pancakes, I can go about 1.5 Tablespoons per egg white, but not for meringues proper. Wish I could spend a day with a meringue master. Meringues still make me uneasy after all these years.

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Made that long time ago, i remember it was possible, but my memory is vague. I’ve some whites in the fridge, will do a quick test and report back.