Another go at Vietnamese - Viet Food, Soho, London

i’ve been reading viet food’s instagram feed for quite a while everything looks fantastic. once before we went there but turned away since it was packed. this time we went in. yeah, bottom line - another stinker. first i was very uncomfortable perched on a low stool at a table just inches away from the next table. i ordered the Crispy coconut calamari with sweet chilli herb sauce, Pho Tai (rare beef) and Bún Thịt Nướng (Chargrilled lemongrass pork). i consider these garden varety vietnamese dishes, if a restaurant can do a good job on these, i’ll come back and try something else. not one dish passed the test. the guy actually laughed when the calamari arrived and said he should have just had burger king onion rings - at £5 that’s £1 for each ring and then there’s the teeny strange chili sauce bottle , the pho (described as 16 ‘Hours slow boiled Beef-marrow-bone and chicken soup) was lacking something or a bunch of things. and so small - as well, does no one know how to thinly slice beef for this dish and actually have it arrive looking rare? there was a tiny dish of herbs and beansprouts, impossible to get out without it spilling everywhere, and the bun was boring and had an overload of crispy onions - something i’'m not very keen on. so, no, we won’t go back to try other things. instagram, you’re drunk again!


Whoa, thanks for the warning. I’m highly suspicious of many Soho places - more like tourist traps these days.

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not everywhere is awful but yeah

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