Another brewery coming to...Aberdeen

Two bits of news…first is that the old Bow Tie Cinema in Aberdeen is closing (far from the best movie theater but they had cheap prices and an old fashioned vibe) and the second is that ANOTHER microbrewery is opening at its location. Alternate Ending Beer Co. it is called.

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I heard about this. I’m curious when it will actually open. It would be awesome if this was a fun spot with good food!

Or, as an alternate ending, it could be a vegan spot that local hipsters fall in love with.

With a name like that, it’s hard to tell. :grin:


That is actually brewing kombucha!!!

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I subscribed to get info and here is the email I got. Copy/paste:

Hey Grace!

I grew up going to the local movie theatre in Aberdeen, NJ and have many memories there. In recent years I’ve been taking my two young children to see movies there as well. I never imagined that this space would fall into my lap the way it did, and that I would be following through on my dream of opening a brew pub in this location!

Here are some of the main things I want you to know about our plans for Alternate Ending:

  • We’ll have a wide variety of IPAs on tap, a choice of different stouts, always at least one lager and hopefully a sour program that will develop as time goes on

  • We will serve food that is gourmet casual

  • We’ll be showing free movies at least once a week (quirky, old-school movies like “Dr. Strangelove” and “The Goonies” and kids’ movies on Sundays like “Moana”)

  • We’re completely gutting the interior; it will still have that theater aspect, but we’re going to make it more modern

  • We’re updating (but keeping!) the marquis on Rt. 34

  • We were able to acquire a liquor license as a restricted brewery, which is pretty rare (there are only about 20 of those in the state of NJ); this means we can serve food, wine and cocktails, show sporting events, have private parties, and host unlimited events

  • We will be family friendly - we are building this out with our young kids in mind!

  • We intend to partner with local businesses as much as possible and hope to become a fixture of the community just as the theater was for so many years

If you’d like to read more about our plans for Alternate Ending, take a look at these articles:

Asbury Park Press


The Journal

NJ 101.5

If you have any questions, please respond to this email as I love hearing from the community and beyond. I look forward to meeting you when we open our doors next spring.


Scott Novick, Co-founder and CEO

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Wow did he write all that just for you?

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Sounds interesting.