Why are names listed along with screen names?

Why is it impossible to find any form of help (I had a hard time logging on; used to have an HO ap but it’s disappeared).

For new or infrequent users, posting the year would be v helpfuul.



Individual users can choose to either add/ not add their names to the profile. If added, it will be displayed along with the user handle. Please go to the user profiles to make edits.

HO app? We have the website but have not published an app in the past. Please let me know what you need at this point. thanks.

I display my name because I’m happy to be addressed as Harters, John or “Hey you, fat bloke”.

Hey you fat bloke! (just want to make you feel at home!!)

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As @sck pointed out although there is an option to publish your name it is NOT mandatory if you are not comfortable. You can leave it blank or use a pseudonym - like Queen Elizabeth! Why not feel like royalty when you are here!

I prefer blank.

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I get more of a Kardashian vibe from you.

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The kindness sort of overwhelms me.


We prefer pseudonym


Liz Windsor


Weird you get that! Do I eat like that?

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Well…ummmmm…I’ve never actually met you so I really have no idea. I was just kidding. :grin:

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Isn’t a fact of internet life that we speculate (to ourselves) on what someone is really like?

I remember on another (non-food) board, there was a poster - let’s call them Fred. I kept addressing him for weeks - until someone else mentioned that Fred was female. I immediately PM’d Fred to apologise for my mistake, assuming her then to be Frederica. But, oh no. Frederica was actually called Jane. Fred was her dog.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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