Anniversary meal recommendations in Philly for December [Philadelphia]

We visit Philly every year just before xmas to celebrate our wedding anniversary, meet up with friends, and catch the occasional Flyers game (like this time :slight_smile: ).

Favorites so far have been: Vernick, Friday Saturday Sunday, Morimoto, the now closed Fond, Kalaya (which I know has moved to Fishtown recently)…

We’ll likely visit either Vernick or Morimoto on one night, but I’m interested in trying a new (to us) place.

We’d prefer a small plates place over an elaborate tasting menu, and we’re flexible regarding cuisine, although we’re not interested in Chinese, Sichuan, or Mexican food this time around.

It doesn’t even have to be super-fine dining, since Vernick or Morimoto will have that covered.


@Bigley9 - I haven’t forgotten your recommendations from my last Philly related post :wink:

River Twice is on the list for the fancier option.

Does anyone have input on these?


My oh my is the Philly crowd quiet. How very untypical :joy:

Mabu Kitchen got pretty mediocre reviews elsewhere, so that’s off the list. Made a rez for the Vernick 10 year anniversary tasting menu for our special meal :partying_face:

Still open for your many suggestions for a caszh Thursday meal :kissing_heart::heart_hands:

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Hi, I have to update my trip report on the other thread- we had a blast. My husband and I have been to Vernick many times and always enjoy it-- Last time, a bit less so, but that’s because it was during the height of the pandemic and the menu was limited. I hope it’s back to what it was prior now. Enjoy!!!

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It’s a favorite - we’ve been going for years :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your travel report!!

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We’ve always loved Zahav.

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It’s nice. We went there a couple of times. I found a lot of the food to be very salty, and I have a pretty high tolerance. That hummus, tho!

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I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t been to any of these four restaurants - especially because if you walk the 3/4 mile between Aroma and Sakana you will walk past my house! I have heard good things about both, however, from people whose palates I consider trustworthy.
Royal Izakaya is great although it can get a bit loud depending on when you are there, but you can generally get in (vs the backroom Royal Sushi). They have a fabulous selection of Japanese whisky if you are so inclined.

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Snow storm eliminated our extra meal in Philly, which would have been at Barcelona tapas.

Tonight, however: 10 years on Walnut St. Cannot waittttttt :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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