Annecy for Lunch?

Bonjour francophiles! I will be visiting Annecy for the Tuesday morning market in a few weeks. We want to take a boat cruise to see the lake from all sides.

We also have time for one lunch. Can you suggest lunch options for around €25/pp in old town/touristy area that’s actually really good? No comment about definition of touristy from me lol, but I will indeed be a tourist. I’d love to consider a genuinely delicious meal rather than something the guidebooks recommend and everyone flocks to.

We are also considering lunch soon in Annecy, and have focused on Brasserie Brunet – a few blocks walking from the river/ heart of the old town . It’s associated the nearby “***” Clos des Sens. Looks to be traditional – at a high level. I see a 25 Euro midweek lunch two-course menu option:


Rather than focusing on where to eat, I’d like to recommend what to eat: something you might not have in your neck of the woods: friture d’eparlans. They are a special of Annecy, tiny fish, fried crispy, and you eat the whole thing. Ask around when you are there.


Thanks Steve a deauxchaveaux. Both very good news.