Ani Catering and Cafe [Boston Area]

Has anyone else tried Ani Catering and Cafe in Belmont? We’ve been ordering from them quite a bit through GrubHub (although you can also order through their website). I think they are my favorite falafel in the area. Good crispiness, well seasoned and can be ordered on their own or with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. We also have been fans of their babaganoush and grape leaves.


When we lived in Watertown we used them for take out a few times and they were quite good - the salads, sides etc were good but they were best on the meat preparations which were nicely grilled. Overall good place for a takeout dinner from time to time but also nothing outstanding


Thanks to @Amandarama for the information and @honkman for the assessment. They do have a nice website, clearly laid out, visually appealing, and with flashes of humor.

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