Angele in Napa for lunch today

We had lunch in downtown Napa today. Nice menu.

I thought husband’s branzino sounded, looked and tasted especially good. He said the cauliflower was pickled which added a nice bit of acid ( :open_mouth: )!

I had deviled eggs and NZ mussels


A very nice restaurant with excellent French food. If you want to try Italian, try Bistro Don Giovanni, just north of town.

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Thank you!

Yay! I think we happen to have a res on Saturday! Another plan for our midweek anniversary. Tonight is the anniversary, but there’s meetings.

Husband is a fan since their previous location, I think. Weren’t they across from Farmstead (my favorite!).

Sometimes the menu is little heavy (okay, carbohydrate forward) for me, but we don’t go often, and I’m happy to go along. I’m guessing there will be specials, but Is there anything on the usual menu you recommend?

On Sunday I will be on my way to Orlando for a week.:thinking: A little help!

Nope. That was Tra Vigne.

They do a mandilli, or handkerchief pasta with an amazing, creamy pesto sauce. And their fritto misto is excellent. Enjoy!
If you want to have a wonderful winery experience, try Biale Vineyards, 5 minutes away. Excellent zinfandels and a wonderful Italian family.

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Hi shrinkwrap,

That’s a beautiful meal. I had deviled eggs today too. Whenever I see them on the menu it’s hard not to order them. Angele’s version looks haute and Nielsen’s version (pictured) was pure comfort. Sometimes my family goes to Napa for the day. Will be sure to try Angele one of these times. The Niçoise salad looked tempting too!

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