Andy Warhol eats a hamburger (1982, long 4:38 version)



I read that they showed this ad during the Super Bowl? The whole 4:38?!


They did show it - I’m not sure if it was the full 4:38 but it was a good portion of it if it wasn’t.

I loved it.

Edit - I think they only aired 45 seconds of the original footage. It was still great.

(Dan) #4

Waste of good ketchup! While AW painted the bottle hundreds of times, he sure looked skiddish to consume it.

Classic ad.



Please delete


Anyone else notice he ate a plain hamburger placed inside a Whopper box? Not even the ketchup, mustard, and pickle that is standard on a BK hamburger.


Apparently it was lost on all but a select generation … I’m very happy to report that during one of my trips to San Francisco, I picked up his Dracula from the gallery where my sister worked … it’s amazing :slight_smile: EDIT: but most definitely not for everyone