Android App to reduce image size and make collages

On my PC I have software that lets me easily reduce image sizes and join together multiple pics into one image. So far, I haven’t found a good app to do this one my phone. Furthermore, sometimes the apps are ad-supported and the ads take up too much screen space.

Does anyone have a recommendation for such an app?

Have you considered Layout for instagram? It’s a separate app, you don’t have to post to instagram or facebook, it saves the collage in your photos. No ads.

Thanks. I will try it and report back.

Do you know if there’s a way to just resize without creating a collage? Even if there’s not, it is the perfect compact app with a great user interface. Thank you.

Worst case, I can find another app to resize images.

I used Image Size with iPhone, I find that they have it with Android. You can change the resolution size and crop the photo. Can’t say it is the best app, but it is okay to do what I want (and without paying). :grin:

I don’t know, I have an iPhone, can crop and edit single images in the photos app. Good luck!

Lightroom from Adobe, if you want even more control, crop, change the colour temperature (you photographed under yellow light) and many more.

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Unfortunately, Lightroom is very slow on my old phone.