Andrew Fairlie to leave his 2* eponymous restaurant

According to Jay Rayner’s column in today’s Observer, Fairlie has known for several years that he has a brain tumour but the diagnosis is now terminal.

Although I have never eaten his food (it’s such a schlep to Gleneagles), I’ve always thought of him as one of the UK’s most talented, if understated, chefs.


How old is Chef Fairlie, John?

54 - according to a BBC news report.

How unfortunate.

that’s sad. nice to have left his mark. i wonder if he has mentored anyone…

There’s bound to have been chefs working there on stages.

He’s also featured on episodes of Masterchef - the ones where the contestants get to work in a professional kitchen. Possible that he’s subsequently mentored some of them .

Very sad to hear.

The BBC reports Andrew has died.