Andalucia Recs - Malaga, Antequera, Sevilla, Granada - SPAIN

i saw a couple of older posts (2016) for mostly Barcelona, but does anyone have any recent tips for Andalucia? I’m looking for straight up best tapas bars, nothing fancy.

I was in Barcelona 2 years ago (and used to live there a really long time ago) so I know what to expect re tapas, but it’s been 35 or so years since I’ve been to this area, and I don’t remember much about it (on a tour bus, as a teen).

Promise to report back…


Our last trip to Andalucia was some years back, when we spent a fortnight in Estepona. It’s too long ago to make any recommendations but it is the least touristy town along the Costa and had some very decent tapas places in the back streets of the “old town”. Maybe a wander down the coast from Malaga to there, before heading inland?

I’m sure you know it’s very easy to get stunningly fresh fish in the area - usually simply fried and served with a mixed salad.

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We were in Andalucia a couple of years ago and loved it. The quality of the food was variable, but the sights and the natural wonders were fabulous. In Sevilla we had great tapas at El Pasaje Bar, Pasaje de Vila. The desk clerks at the hotel told us that they often had lunch there. It was very good.

In Malaga, just walking around, we dropped in to some small place for a late lunch, Puro Pescaito. I ordered some plate of fried stuff, that was just fair. As we were eating, the waiter put down two steaming glasses of soup on our table. It turns out that this is a specialty of Malaga, Caldillo de Pintarroja. Pintarroja is a small dogfish that is caught locally, and apparently nowhere else. Bars in Malaga apparently pass out this peppery soup in order to encourage their customers to drink more. It was the best single thing we had on the whole trip, although I am sure my wife would disagree. In Malaga we also ate at Tapeo de Cervantes. We went without a reservation, and were almost turned away, but the owner had two seats free at the kitchen window. We took them. The seats were a bit less comfortable than some, and the waiters were always coming and going, but the food was excellent. And the advantage was, when we were done with a dish, we could just pass it through to the kitchen crew. If you go to Malaga, I highly recommend Tapeo de Cervantes. Do reserve! The Picasso Museum in Malaga is ok, but it pales beside those of Paris or Barcelona.

In Malaga I recommend that you avoid Los Mellizos. They tried to cheat us, and I saw that another table was also having trouble with the bill.

The scenery in Ronda is spectacular. We were there on the evening when most restaurants are closed, but the hotel sent us to a steak restaurant, El Sacristan, which was excellent. We had the lomo iberico, which is something you don’t find everywhere.

We also visited Granada and Cordoba. Whereas our memories of the Alcazar and the mosque/cathedral are quite distinct, I can’t think of anything special we ate in either one of them.

Have a good trip!

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Unfortunately, we have apartments booked, so no time to wander on this trip. 4 cities in 2 weeks is a lot to cover (and not my idea - the BF’s). We are in Malaga for 2 full days at the start of the trip, and then a half day after to catch our flight home. and yes - the fish! The BF isn’t keen on it, but i will have some form of sea life every meal, if i can help it!

Thank you for the recs for Malaga, i’ll note them! we have a very short time on either end of the trip in Malaga, but i’ll look for those places. And for El Pasaje in Sevilla. Thanks again.