And yet, folks continue to buy into this BS


Ditto the $160B global supplement industry.

How would economies change and at what impact to standards of living were it that value-less commodities disappeared from the marketplace; whether through regulation or consumer awareness?



I had a very effective cleanse over the weekend. The classic which “end” is going to be more explosive at the same time dilemma. My kiddo shared her germs with me and now I get to restart my GI tract. Strained my abs too.


Yikes. So … the REAL fun kind of cleanse :woozy_face: :scream:

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What do you consider a supplement?


Protein powder?

Meal replacement drinks like Ensure?

Powdered greens like AG1?

Seriously curious, not trying to pick a fight.

At least it’s not lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup. Baby steps.


Yes, some of these are not based on real data, but there are so many things which are also not statements are not based on science neither. As long as they are not hurting themselves or others. It is fine.

SuperBeets to the rescue. Ridiculous.


I agree 100%.

I like to tease my husband who is suspicious about medication, but takes supplements if anyone he knows says they benefitted from them.

I tell him, “So, if a medication has passed the FDA’s rigorous testing protocol you won’t go near it, but you will take unknown herbs sold in a back alley in Chinatown.”.

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Scientists learned in recent years that the appendix DOES have a purpose. If illness or medication wipe out your particular combination of gut flora, your gastrointestinal tract has some in reserve. It gets more from its purse - the appendix - and starts reforesting, so recovery is faster. I hope you and your daughter haven’t had appendectomies.

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Yes, indeed.,body’s%20internal%20environment%20from%20infection.

Thanks for the guest access link!

I have family and friends emailing me about all kinds of junk. The most recent was one of those Majeek Pain Potions like Nugenix mentioned in thread. Except it had a different name (ReliefFactor) and different pitchman, “Doctor” Sebastian Gorka - I’d never heard of him but at least the commercial was very careful to note “PhD, not medical doctor”.

You dig a bit and find out these potions have efficacy rates about the same as placebo. Always. I tell them save their money. Hopefully they listen.

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Gorka is a crony of Trump.
You can’t even count on genuine doctors. Ever heard of Dr. Oz? I rest my case


Where do you get rattlesnake oil? Been looking forever.

I wish we had a different term for PhDs. I just say “PhD in______.” Do we call one with a master’s degree “master.” Interesting that, at my school job, nobody calls me “master”, but my master’s is in school counseling; in jail everyone does and they don’t even know what kind of degree I have.

I always introduce myself as “Hi, I’m ipsedixit, a Bachelor’s in Underwater Basketweaving.”

Doesn’t everyone do this?


A much more respected degree than a BS in Digital Rhinotillexis.

The funny thing is that it’s pretty unusual for STEM PhDs to insist on being called “doctor”, at least in my experience. For about 20 years I supported a couple of R&D centers that were very heavy in PhDs, about 70% (several hundred of them). Many had multiple PhDs, some med-adjacent. None of them insisted on being called “doctor”.

It seems more common to me among the polysci and education types.

Been there. Done that.
Not going back to that lemon grove.
Long story with an explosive ending. Plural.

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