And whatever happened to Bagel B..... Houston

Did Bagel Bob ever get re-established anywhere?

I see the New York bagel shop down here on Hillcroft has opened a new branch in downtown Bellaire with expanded menu and hours. (Also a new owner).

Oh yes Bagel Bob is going and blowing on dairy Ashford across from Stratford high school. He is very popular and it’s not unusual for him to sell out before noon. I have a niece who was working there on a college break for a time!

For Christmas I actually ordered some bagels from the Bronx, and purchased a bagel slicer from Amazon! Merry Christmas to me!


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MMMMM. Selling out before noon! That doesn’t sound promising for me.

I have been thinking about getting a bagel slicer - what’d you get and how does it work?

Hey! why’d you order bagels from NY when you got Bagel Bob???

I don’t know! Momentary lapse of judgment. Bagel Bob was selling a bag of frozen bagels for $1 today to clear his freezer, and I paid $40 or so just for overnight shipping :laughing:

The bagel slicer is a guillotine!

Ouch. Well, I hope they were good.

Slicer looks good. Some don’t look very sturdy. Like I need something else with a sharp blade in my kitchen to be messing around with. I’ve banned anything larger than a paring knife due to my stability issues :roll_eyes: :disappointed:

I looked thru pics of Bob’s on Yelp. I want that breakfast bagel with sausage, egg and cheese.

I’m happy to leave one on your doorstep! You’d have to reheat it of course.

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