And We're Done

Chowhound is off line.

Long live Hungry Onion.


Yes I just came across a link to ch, clicked to a blank white page.

Wow, they take off even the sub-boards this time!

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Any particular reason this is being discussed on the Cookware board?

Btw, love your avatar.

You’re right, will move it to culture board, for ALL.



beyond sad

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It’s too bad they changed the format so drastically, there would have been plenty of room in the world for Chowhound, HO, et al if they hadn’t changed it. But it turned into a site for newbies. I expect that Sam Fujisaka was rolling in his grave for a long time over that.

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Close. What was unforgivable (and arguably caused CH to auger in) was the hurried, heavy-handed, hubristic and sadistic way CBS approached the revamp. We were all told CBS knew better, they didn’t want any suggestions, and it was going live now. Worst of all, posters were censored and/or suspended for initially criticizing the rollout, pointing out the bugs, and later even mentioning that all but a few boards had fallen silent. CBS and its moderators clearly and cruelly took the “Beatings will continue until morale improves” approach. The sad part is, it was a stink on CH that never lifted.

Thank God Sampson acted differently.


My favorite rollout event was when a page crashed and it posted the entire crash trace, and the complete environment settings for the computer serving it, a few thousand lines of code that the public should never see. I emailed it to them, and they didn’t even thank me.