And then there was one: Mary Berry quits GBBO Paul Hollywood says he will stay on the program. Wonder if he’ll stick to his buns…

Yep, Hollywood has gone with the money to Channel 4. Like the BBC, Channel 4 is publicly owned but, unlike the BBC, is funded by advertising.

There’s been speculation for a couple of weeks or so about who might take over from Mel and Sue. Assuming they want to keep to a comedy duo, then my vote will go for Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders which, in the latter case, will keep this middle aged straight man glued to the programme.

More tricky is a replacement for Mary. There’s a shortage of well known home cooking matriachs. Delia Smith might be a possible but she has pretty much retired now and, I think, would be unlikely to want to share the limelight. My bet goes with one of the previous winners being selected. If they stick with it being a woman, then I go for Jo Wheatley. The most likely man, in my opinion, would be John Whaite.

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I found this out last night because they were joking about it on Graham Norton. It seems actress Anna Kendrick (one of the guests) is a huge fan of the show. And not so much a fan of Paul Hollywood.

The bit I can’t understand is how the show can be worth £25 million without locking in the presenters. I would have assumed that C4’s deal with Love would be subject to Love delivering the “complete package”.

I wonder if the loss of most of the much loved talent may have triggered some contractual adjustments that have reduced the guaranteed price dramatically.

I suspect C4 will struggle to reproduce the chemistry and magic of the show given the very high percentage of cooking competition shows that are dire vs the two or three (globally) that work. I hope the beeb don’t try to recreate it…better to remember it fondly rather than see it disappoint.

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I suspect the BBC will try a similar format - and it’ll fail. The on screen relationship between the presenters makes a series such as this. Similar is the Top Gear debacle which is struggling to work after Clarkson was sacked (rightly to my mind).

Maybe they try a Masterchef tweak i.e. from Grossman to Torode and Vegman.

I found both versions worked in different ways - the original being quite poignant for me as my mum was practising for her City & Guilds exams by trying to recreate all the recipes in the Constance Spy book so I seemed to be watching the TV and eating similar food.

Just to clarify my “rightly” - that was the sacking not the struggling.

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