And speaking of........ (NY/CT)

Went back to a couple of places recently and had some thoughts:

Rraci, Brewter - wow,this place gets crowded, and even in the “quiet” section it was really busy early on a Saturday night. And our waiter was not up to the task. He was so overwhelmed that he did not even wait for us to finish our sentences before he was off to the next table! While the veal is some of the best I’ve had, the portions were outrageously small this time - 2 pieces, probably 2 1/2 - 3 inches each.

Fortina, Armonk - tried the fried meatballs for the first time. Wow, they were good. Crispy on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside with tons of great flavor.

Lucs, Ridgefield - I still don’t like it but we have finally gotten on the B list, at least. They gave us a really good table for luc’s! Meaning, it was not in a corner in the back but it was a little booth with a table top with some room on it!

Good news - Locali at the Mt. Kisco train station opens this week for dinner only. Going to check it out and I’ll report back!!