[Ancram, NY] West Taghkanic Diner

A chance find off the Taconic State Parkway. Proper old fashioned diner built in 1953 – all plastic and chrome. With proper diner food.

So, that’s a grilled cheese sandwich and a hot meatloaf one. Both good and tasty.


Sometimes a good old diner hits the spot!

This is timely - we’re heading north this weekend and may need a pit stop on the Taconic. I’ll report back if we try it!

If you know the road, you’ll know there’s nothing actually on it. And the exits with food are just marked with a little knife & fork sign - with no other indication as to what you might find - could be a Subway at a gas station, a really nice restaurant but not open for lunch, or a “find” like this. We’d got to the point where we really couldnt give a shit what it was, so long as there were calories in it and we could stop feeling hungry.

Yes, the lack of food is one of the reasons we try to choose other routes when we go north! In the case of this trip, though, the Taconic is really the most direct way. We shall see…