Anafre, Mexican in DC - Report

Three of us had a ridiculously delicious meal at Anafre, a Mexican place which is both traditional and willing to play around with that tradition. As a bonus, the prices and portions here seem from another era.

We got three dishes:

Queso Fundido with Chorizo and Shrimp
Mole Poblano Pizza
Pork in Salsa Verde ( name is listed differently on the menu)

The pork would be the star attraction of any meal. Luscious with complex flavors and a kick. Made from a special kind of somewhat mild pepper, though I forget the name. Everything about this was hitting on all cylinders:

The queso fundido was melty and stringy, helped by the soft and supple ground sausage:

And lastly, although this pizza has no structural integrity, it still managed to be very delicious. Probably too much sauce and had rectangular blocks of chicken that were unwieldy. The combo of crust, mole, and cilantro with onions made it sing out:

It was very hard ot choose form this very enticing menu. But I am already thinking about my return.


Thanks for bringing this place to our attention. We suggested it for dinner last night after the place we originally chose closed!
4 of us had:
Guacamole with crab & lobster meat, queso fundido with shrimp & chorizo, nachos with steak tips, chile relleno, birria tacos & salmon. The latter was the only clunker. Overcooked and just not special. Everything else was delicious, fresh, and not weighted down with too much sauce or cheese (except for the fundido, of course.) And so reasonable. Under $100 for 2 including drinks, tax & tip. We will be back (regretting not trying a pizza!)

This place definitely flies under the radar.

I think the pork dish I referenced in the OP was with a salsa morita, a kind of lightly smoked and dried pepper with a subtle, complicated flavor.

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