An obsessive guide to tea scones

So here is the ultimate guide to baking tea scones from someone who has very hard and fast opinions on how each step directly affects the end result. Something to remember when you are baking. (Said by someone who accidentally turned her oven off this weekend while baking mini pumpkin breads! After screaming, I turned the oven back on, and they came out ok. And by ok, I mean they had a funny hump in the middle like a camel. But they tasted good, so there’s that.)

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I had no idea that “English tea” was used as part of the name in the US. Here in the UK just “scone” is used, but it’s the pronunciation that causes debate. To rhyme with “alone”, or “gone”? That is the question!

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That’s a gone scone, Robin.


I don’t think there’s even a reason for the extra words; nobody has shown me Kenyan beer scones or Slovakian car-washing scones.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold