An invitation

If it is allowed, I would like to invite members to visit my cooking blog. I have been posting to it somewhat intermittently for a dozen year. I derive no financial benefit from it so this is not an advertisement. I invite comments, critiques, corrections, complaints, whatever.


Others have done the same (and in similar fashion - not commercial, just informative) so I don’t think there’s any rule against it.

I skimmed your recents and they look interesting. I got stuck on the rillettes (no quantities given) until I scrolled back up and read your explanation for that, which makes sense.

Still, if you get the chance to repeat it and can note the amount of meat you start with (200g or whatever), and then base your spice/herbs/onion amounts on that quantity, I think it’d be helpful for readers who are completely new to making it.

Thanks! Because I now cook for one, I find that specifying quantities is problematic. I like your suggestion of positing a starting quantity. And, of course, I should probably have mentioned that the key to good cooking is to taste as you go.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll do that next time I make them.

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