[Amsterdam] Maximus

We hadn’t planned to eat here but a change of plan brought us to this touristy part of town, which is packed with restaurants. It was a lovely evening which made it a pleasure to eat outside. Their business is steak and other grills. Now, it’s not often I choose to order steak – there’s always something more interesting on the menu – but steak was the road to travel here.

Before that, a couple of starters, which we shared. A plate of simply grilled mixed vegetables is something I always enjoy in Spain and it was no less enjoyable here – aubergine, courgette, tomato and mushroom, with a little salad garnish and a tomato salsa. On the other plate, a couple of meat empanadas. Nicely flavoured with a crispish pastry (that would have been better if it had been crisper) and with a good chilli hit in an accompanying sauce.

For mains, we both went with sirloin steak, cooked accurately as requested and with a decent enough flavour. We shared chips and salad. Not the fanciest food you’ll come across but, sometimes, only a steak will do.

We should have called it quits there as desserts were a bit of a let-down, as they often are at this level of restaurant. Their version of a banana split was no more than the banana, whipped cream and ice cream. And a pancake, served cold, was wrapped round some ice cream, with whipped cream on the side. Nothing wrong with either of them, just not worth the calories.