Amone x Le Madeline Pop Up Collab -July 2

Le Madeline hosted a pop up collaboration with Amone last Tuesday. Amone is the brain child of Chef Boby Pradachith, whose focus is on Lao cuisine. Link

I have zero experience with Lao cuisine, so I was very curious to see what this collab would offer. Both chefs contributed to the menu, so it really was a combo of Vietnamese and Laotian foods. Each offering came with a wine pairing. They were very accommodating to my no alcohol request, and I was offered a series of very delicious cocktails in its place.

Menu for the evening

Starters with one from each chef. They offered a cognac to kick off the meal, which I did not partake.
I liked the pave bite better overall, but I really enjoyed the liver sauce on the financier. I found the financier a tad too crispy

These scallops were divine. The fermented rice milk sauce want really that strong.

Aside from the scallops, this was a tie for my favorite dish. So simple as a salad of long beans with tempura shrimp. The dressing was funky and savory, with some tang. Loved it!

This dish was ok, and I usually love wings. The stuffed rice was smokey and really nice, but I didn’t think payed that will with the wing

Sorry for the blurry photo. BBQ finale. The cucumber and marinated peaches on the right were really nice accompaniments, as were the two sauces. Everything tasted fine, and they encouraged people to dig in with hands (and offered a plastic glove). I was already getting full. Even at regular BBQs, I usually can’t get into big plates of meat.

Coconut ice cream with passion fruit, pandan, and lychee granita. They were going to make banana ice cream, but the ice cream maker broke. :sweat_smile:. They had to run out and buy some Jeni small batch ice cream to compete the dessert. The granitas were actually really nice, if a little melted by the time we got our dessert.

Just some of the cocktails they offered. This lychee virgin martini was my favorite.

Strawberry and yuzu

Basil and Cucumber

They also gave me a chocolate mocktail (not pictured) with the dessert that was thicker and richer then the fruit dessert.

All the drinks were the from the house bartender. I don’t think were an alternate pairing for the dinner, so if you like mocktails, this is a great place for drinks. I only saw one other table get these, and I assume that person was pregnant. The waiters bringing my drink kept checking if I was the pregnant person who needed mocktails. :melting_face:

Overall a very fun night, and I’m glad I got to try these different foods. I’m taking a break for the next few weeks from a lot of fancy eating last week.


Looks like a great menu with just the right amount of food.

The basil cucumber looks great. I have given alcohol temporarily(?).

If you like the Asian flavored mocktails, it’s definitely a good place to try. The chocolate mocktail was probably a bit too sweet for my taste, but I am not a big chocolate fan. I think chocoholics would have loved it.

Forgot to add to the food: the one downer on the BBQ, in that bunch of herbs there was fish mint. :nauseated_face: That is the one herb used in SE Asian cuisine that I haven’t developed any taste for. I had to spit that out when when I ate that accidentally.