Amish Market - Westtown (Philadelphia)

I shopped here for the first time this afternoon. My first impression: nice quality meats, poultry, produce, baked goods and other items at reasonable prices. I bought a couple of NY strip steaks that we’ll have for dinner tonight. (With the weather so warm today, maybe we’ll grill them outside.) The meat and poultry is all locally sourced and my expectations are high. The place was very busy. I’m sure I’ll go again. It reminds me a bit of the Booths Corner Farmers Market, but it’s smaller, cleaner and far less cluttered.

To clarify, the Amish Market in Westtown is in Chester County, at the intersection of Rts. 202 and 926, and not in Philadelphia.

That looks promising for special items that will freeze or keep well. Still a schlep for me, but I get out that way for other things and could tack a visit on to a dinner at Laguna. Thanks!

I’m eager to hear about the meats in particular.

The strip steaks were really good – just the right amount of marbling and quite tender. There were some really beautiful rib veal chops in the case that tempted me, too, but those will be another purchase for another day. Really, though, everything in the meat case looked very nice.

The new Farmers Market that TravelMad wrote about sounded promising – and that’s not far from you – although she didn’t say anything about their meats.

Sounds promising. I missed that one.
Thanks, Cindy

Just thought I’d mention that I’ve been back to the Amish Market a few times since my last post, most recently last weekend. I’m still impressed with the quality of the beef and poultry I’ve bought there. The bake shop always seems to be doing a brisk business, but I wish they’d carry crusty loaves of bread along with the white and whole wheat loaves. (Okay, I know, crusty French/Italian loaves just aren’t an Amish “thing.”) I like that much of the produce is identified by where it’s grown, so I know if I’m buying local strawberries or Calif. grown berries. Bottom line – for me it’s a 12-minute drive that’s worthwhile, and I’m finding I’d much rather shop there than at the new Wegmans for meats and most produce. I still go to Wegmans for Asian produce and other specialty products, but the Amish Market has a lot to offer.

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