Amici Gelato & Caffé, Asbury Park

We have a new (ADORABLE) cafe here in AP… Amici opened within the last few weeks, and I stopped in to check it out and grab my afternoon coffee last week. I maaaaaaaaay have opened the door and said “This is SO. CUTE!” rather loudly, but the only person in there at the time was an employee and she said “I KNOW! RIGHT?” So yay for the aesthetics…all black and white and just really inviting and cute.

I was ONLY there for coffee and excited because I had read they were serving Illy. Which they are–EXCEPT for the regular coffee. I mistakenly assumed they were making Americanos with it; suffice it to say I won’t make this my spot for regular coffee (esp with AP Roastery and Booskerdoo in town), but if I want a cappuccino, they’ve got me.

Although I was stuffed (I had just had a lunch meeting at Porta), I was strongly encouraged to at least taste the (handmade) gelato. I tried the coffee and the tiramisu, which in retrospect was a dumb dupe of a choice, but it did reinforce the fact that I wanted coffee and both were delicious. I was stunned to see gelato POPS–they looked yummy too.

From what I’ve seen on Instagram, they fill the cannolis to order and you can choose what to dip the ends in (pistachios, chocolate, etc.)–or not. Can’t find that info on their website.

What I love is that they’re open until 9pm Sun-Thurs and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Outside of one of the restaurants, the only options for dessert that late are Cookman Creamery and (I’ve never been) Lola’s.

Looking forward to trying more of that gelato and am happy to have them in town!