america's test kitchen drama heads to court...

let the festivities (and the billable hours) begin.

boston globe article


I guess his Hungry Onion Q&A in December might end up being even livelier than hoped.


Oh my.
More uncovered emails.
Let’s pray he isn’t friends with Anthony Weiner.

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Ya know he seems like the kind of kid who got beat up a lot.

Annoying, skinny and nerdy.

Also I don’t understand how what passes for comic relief on a PBS cooking show qualifies you to be classed as a “celebrity chef”.

Btw I think that the term “celebrity chef” is, in and of itself, an oxymoron.

If you get to be a celebrity it seems there is not a whole lot of real “chefing” going on anymore.

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the one you’re kind of sympathetic towards for a while, 'til you realize that he’s pretty richly deserved every ass-whuppin he’s gotten.