America's Next Great Food Cities

From Food & Wine:



Fun read, thank you.

Biddeford, Maine is within easy driving distance for us. We’re fans of Banded Brewing (formerly Banded Horn) there. Hope to spend more time checking things out.


Might as well include the companion article :wink:


I don’t really understand their methodology or how these cities came to the attention of folks sitting in Manhattan, because I doubt they visited Boise, Bozeman, or Omaha.
Throwing :dart: darts at a map perhaps.

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This is my Roadfood and real life friend Ed’s nifty entertainment/food website.
He moved up there from his life as a SoCal native to be closer to his kids.
My nephew also started his journalism career there and met his mate as a bonus :cowboy_hat_face:
They’re back here in Ashlandia these days.

MAGA gets hungry?

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Boise is a pretty cool place. Bozeman too.
Omaha I’m very familiar with.
They all are cursed to be in Red States but don’t hold that against them.
There are neato people and places in every state, the percentage just varies wildly.
After all, the biggest acid operation ever was housed in a missle silo in Kansas.
:cowboy_hat_face: :wink:

before the pandemic we used to go up to Montana every summer…I look forward to returning…nothing like catching a 15lb trout and smoking it! I also really enjoy the elk.

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My daughter is going for her masters in GIS mapping in Bozeman.
I like Missoula myself.
Haven’t been up there in a while.

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Lots of good huckleberry dishes there too

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We have a narrow huckleberry window here in Southern Oregon.
Like mushrooms, one has to get to the right elevation and time of year to find the treasure.

I found my treasure - my wife - in Oregon. Timing is everything. Marionberries too!

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I met my wife in Omaha when she was back there to celebrate her grandfather’s 80th birthday. That’s the familiar with Omaha connection.
She invited me to Scottsdale and we eventually moved up here to Ashlandia.
Cool :sunglasses:

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Do we need to change the pronunciation to “Bwahz” now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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