Americana Diner, Eatontown NJ 411

I stopped in tonight for a bite to eat tonight. Usually not my first diner selection in the area, I wasn’t in the mood to dive to Eatontown (yes only 5 mins away) so Americana it was.

Looks like new owners? All new faces at the door and watching the floor, the food was more dismal than usual. Anyone know has it changed hands?

I’m confused…is the Americana in Eatontown, or not? And where would you have gone have you had driven the additional 5 mins? The only diner I’ve found so far is the Blue Swan on 35, and depending on what you order, it’s great or totally mediocre.

The Americana Diner is on Route 35, in Shrewsbury, I have some recollection that the Eatontown diner Notjr prefers is the All Seasons, which is in Eatontown. Their sister diner, All Seasons II, is on Route 9 North, in Freehold.

I generally steer clear of diners since I have found the food in most to be even less than mediocre. However, in January of 2014, we came back late from NYC to discover that the heat had gone out in our house. Our heating company couldn’t come until early in the morning, so we booked a motel next door to which is the All Seasons II. We were starving, and considering the hour, it made sense to eat there. We’d not been there since the current owners took over. So, I was pleasantly surprised that the food we had was good. While the onion soup was merely decent, the cheeseburger with onion rings were perfectly prepared and delicious. We also ate breakfast there. Shared a very satisfying platter of good quality smoked salmon, Philly cream cheese, and a bagel + tomato, lettuce, onion, and kalamata olives. You can see photos of both meals here and here.

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I suspect that most of the food in most diners is mediocre, but a diner may have one thing it does really well. (My problem is when I find out what it is, they decide to discontinue it. :sleepy: )

(The icon that expresses my sadness is labeled “sleepy” and this won’t let me keep the ASCII representation.)

I stand corrected the Americana is in Shewsbury, the All Seasons (my opinion best diner in the area) is in

I find the All Seasons (original) to be as decent a diner as one can find. I’m glad you enjoyed your experience at their 2nd location.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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