"American" tuna

It seems “american” tuna is packaged here but a product of other countries

Maybe this is old news but I turned over a can of chicken of the sea and on the bottom it is stamped product of Thailand

another major tuna brand has “product of China” on it’s paper label - I can’t remember which at the moment

this is probably old news but dang

"Chicken of the Sea WAS an American leading provider of packaged seafood, that is now owned by the Thai Union Group located in Samutsakorn, Thailand. "

The brand hasn’t been American since 1988 when Ralston Purina sold it to an Indonesian corporation. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Wild Planet is an American based company but the fish may come from other countries.

it can be challenging to find non-Asian sources of many seafood items.

now, there are some curiosities in the situation - a fishing boat, registered in China, but fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, or in the Bering Sea, will have it’s product labelled “Product of China”

I simply do not buy any seafood from Asia - first there is the issue of sanitation / wholesomeness / etc. 90% of USA seafood is imported, the inspection rate is in the single digit % range. and if you look up the inspection / violation / seizure records, one may be tempted to stay away.

and adding insult to injury and fraud, google “Thai fishing slavery” - another very unpleasant aspect to cheep-cheep-cheep.