Ambala [Glasgow, Pollokshields]

The one place I had to visit after some friends had raved about it was Ambala. A (Pakistani) Punjabi favorite, by all accounts.

We ordered the lamb seekh kebabs, the chicken karahi, and a sesame naan and a wheat roti. The kebabs were a bit mildly spiced, but the texture was melt in your mouth. Superb!

The chicken karahi came in an actual karahi (wok) to the table. This is quite simply one of the best things I’ve eaten in years. Spicing, seasoning and perfectly cooked chicken(!). My friend and I sopped up the sauce and oil with the giant naan and rotis. Run, don’t walk to Ambala!

Oh, and we finished up with Paan, which is betel leaf stuffed with all sorts of aromatics and fennel, apparently really good for your digestion.

Pictures follow:


Intreresting that they had paan. In my experience, it’s not something most South Asian places offer - even those which are very desi orientated