Amazon, who buys food on there?

I buy random things but haven’t tried “pantry” yet.

What do you guys buy and how do you tackle/manage pantry? I seem to add some items to my pantry cart and then just flake out. Do you guys keep a running list of items to buy every so often? I think I need to get more organized and I’m wondering what items people buy to save money and/or get things not available locally.

It’s a bit of a pain in the ass because you have to buy over a certain amount to receive free shipping even with a prime membership and the prices aren’t all that great.

Yup! I start adding stuff to my cart then get side tracked or bored, and I never pull the trigger. I’m wondering if anyone can help me take advantage of any good deals on pantry or other things.

I buy random stuff like paper plates, toilet paper, spices, paper towels, snacks, soup packets, etc. Anything liquid seems to be too high in price . I can’t find any good deals on actual soup, pickles, salsa. …basically anything with liquid weight. Obviously usps is charging them by weight, but it is weird I can ship a giant canister of pork rinds that takes up several cubic feet, yet a quart of pickles costs more than it is worth. I guess they don’t want to weigh the trucks down :confused:

Have you looked into Costco, I think they offer free shipping if your order is over 75.00

I’m in Manhattan, so there’s not much I can’t get locally. My Amazon Prime purchases are driven by price and convenience. I buy stuff like V8, cat food and litter in bulk - these are much cheaper than at my local supermarket, and it’s also nice not to have to lug them home on foot. The one time we got it together to fill a pantry box, the groceries came in a giant, non-recyclable, non-collapsible cooler. After several requests and more than several days, Amazon came and picked it up, but I’m not going down that road again.

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We also order mostly through prime without incident.

I am a Costco member too. I will check this out and thanks for the tip.

@small_h I hear where you are coming from. I realize the pantry is not for everyone and it may not be for me too. I’m just trying to see what people have experienced. I think I could be missing out.

Hopefully some people will chime in with what has worked for them, and what has saved them money and time. It seems there are deals but pantry has eluded me so far. If I had to guess, it seems that you can load a giant box with items that are higher in volume and lower in weight. I tend to add a few items and then just give up lol

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Be careful if you ever decide to buy perishables. I once bought 40 bars of chocolate and they charged extra for perishable packaging. Arrived a week later and the chocolate clearly melted at some point. They gave me a refund but it’s a waste of chocolate.

I buy certain specialty ingredients like gallon jugs of Lyle’s Golden Syrup and freeze dried raspberries.

Also blue or light green painter’s tape for labeling in the kitchen.

Does anyone have any good jerky buys?

I haven’t used the “pantry” because it just doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal after it’s all said and done.
After a lot of poking around the internet i have found several specialty items that i like to order from for a much better price than amazon. And anything over $35 is free fast shipping, which isn’t difficult for me… also no need to order in quantity. Options are more limited than amazon but prices are the same or better. For cold packed items it’s a $5 flat fee- so for example when i was ordering mother in law’s kimchi i would order several since they need the cold packing.