Amazing Xoriguer Mahon Gin

We are given a plethora of really good bars in Baltimore. My two favorites are Dutch Courage and Clavel. Tonight we went to the former and tried a wonderful gin that I have wanted to try for a while, Xoriguer Mahon Gin. This is an AOC gin, the only one in the world as far as I know. It is fired in a wood-fired still. It is huge, with a very viscous mouthfeel. it is citrusy, but not in a modern way at all. It was so good I asked if they could sell a bottle {they have a retain license} and the co-owner came out and we chatted.

The night was pretty magical with 2 great cocktails, good food, a great visit, and a wonderful time on their patio.

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I wonder if this is any different from the Mahon I’ve had at my favorite local bar. I’m a martini head, so any new gin popping up on the shelves is usually a must-try for me :slight_smile:

If these are the same, I did find it heavy on the citrus, but it works.

A quick google search shows only 1 brand. It comes with two different labels but seems the same.

Yes, that was my impression as well. It’s a little ‘wet’ for me, but as a gin lover I will try almost any gin at least once.

What do you think of Roku?

I like it. I find it on the mellower side, so it depends on my mood. Sometimes I like a more assertive gin like Drumshanbo, or Wilds (a PA gin), and I am always open to trying a new (to me) one. Always.

I have a friend who likes dry martinis. Last time he was here, I served him Roku, out of the freezer, with an olive. He liked it.

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On our back bar. We have county stores in Montgomery Co and they had it on sale for @23 a bottle so I bought 3. Another favorite is Broker’s.

It’s available here (Zurich) at one of the online stores. Next time I make a purchase, I’ll try a bottle.

So I finally bought Xoriguer gins. The store I bought it from had two versions, the Mahon, and one they call Xoriguer Gin Canet. I bought one of each. I haven’t tried the Canet yet, but the Mahon has stronger bouquet than any other gin I have ever tried. Not that I’ve tried that many . . .
The taste is also more distinct than many other gins. Do I like it? Yes. But I think I prefer Roku. I suppose I’ll have to try it in a martini.


So far, i have not found the right vermouth for martinis with the xorigur. But it makes amazing gin and tonics with fever tree and q tonics. I have yet to try it in a corpse reviver or last word.