Ama, Sea Bright, for meatballs?

I’m considering trying Ama’s spaghetti and meatball special tonight. I’m a meatball snob. Has anyone tried their meatballs?

I was not terribly impressed with my visit to Ama so being a self professed snob, I wouldn’t hold my hopes up too high. My favorite meatballs out are:

Christine’s (Atlantic Highlands)
Blue Grotto (Long Branch)
Brickhouse Tavern (Tinton Falls) believe it or not they aren’t half bad.

I stopped frequenting Ama after a horrifying experience. (3 out of 4 prawns were mealy and unedible yet they refused to do anything about it. Dish was approx $50.)

I saw the special and it being Tuesday, I was hopeful that maybe someone would report that meatballs are good.

Thanks for the list though!

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the history of Ama but primarily the Chef who made Ama great was Pat Trama. He split with his partners at Ama and opened Trama’s Tratoria in Long Branch, however Ama kept his recipes and are trying execute them. Key word “trying”. I checked Trama’s Tratoria web site to see if they had meatballs on there before I originally responded, I would check with them since that’s all Ama is “trying” to serve you anyway.

Are those the drunken meatballs? 2nd!!

?? Blue Grotto ??

Yes, I’m familiar with the history. Thanks!

Brickhouse Tavern

No, I’ve never had their drunken meatballs. I think they have changed the menu since the last time I was there, but they had just a normal meatballs appetizer, served with a fried mozzarella type bread stick, the honestly were not that bad. They also had a chicken meatballs buffalo style which I didn’t really care for.

Hope I’m not too late…

Don’t do it.

Didn’t do it. Ordered from Jr.'s instead. Never disappointed with their burgers and fries. In fact, eating my leftover mini burger for lunch now.

Do you have any other good burger recommendations in LB?

When I burger, I burger at Barnacle Bill’s or at places like the Grand Tavern (where the folks on this board are touting it because of its meat blend or bacon jam). I imagine the burgers at Jack’s are good and certainly the Sitting Duck. Charley’s used to have a dependable burger.

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Yeah I’m a big barnacles fan and I really like the sitting duck and pH too. Try the burger at mcloones in LB if you don’t mind paying a few dollars extra for beach tax. Their Guinness prime burger is top notch! I really am not a fan of that place but that burger is world class. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Burger? Frankie’s PPB, late lunch, at the bar.

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Yes, the McLoone’s burger is one that I’ve mentally noted based on your past mentions. We don’t find ourselves in Pier Village too often unless it’s for happy hour oysters at Avenue. Though the in-the-works ramen house has piqued my interest. If it weren’t for this torrential rain, I was going to stop by on our way home from Richard’s just now and see what the status is.