Alycia's bistro in freehold

I plan on meeting a vendor here soon. Does anyone have any intel?

Been twice - the second time with friends that insisted we go there. Both times thought the apps were better than the mains. I liked the shrimp app and smartened up the second time and just got the skirt steak main. Hard to screw up skirt n fries. Nobody liked the pastas they had so stay away from those. Shame as the menu sounds good but not as much in execution. Guess somebody likes them though since they’ve been there for a while now.

Food is good ! Have been there maybe 4x in last 2 years. All 4 times food
was enjoyable. Service inconsistent, I recall a couple of times was slow but
I attribute to kitchen not servers. If you can reserve for 2nd floor, I would recommend that on a cold windy day. I have a memory of last year going on a particularly cold day and whenever the door opened on first floor you knew it. Also recall desserts were good.

Look forward to your feedback!

I was once told that the husband of the husband/wife ownership team was/is an Edison cop involved in some misconduct charges. Have know first-hand knowledge and not at all relevant to the quality of the food (I’ve never been), but may be of some interest to some. Looks like there was once a article regarding this, but it appears to no longer be available.

I ate here once about a year back. Above average, nice place. Not enough to make me return with significant enthusiasm.

it looks like we are changing it up since people will be coming from other locations. I think Shogun Legends it is. I haven’t been in a while but I recall they actually have ribeye hibachi and that was kind of surprising to me.