Alternatives to Jennifer's German (northern Westchester NY)


Hi everyone,
My husband loves German food and we have been going to Jennifer’s in Yorktown for his last few birthdays. It looks as though they have closed, so he is really disappointed. Any ideas for alternatives? He also loves Polish food. And if neither of those are available, sushi would be great, although there would need to be cooked food options as well.
Thanks in advance!

(Lauren D) #2

Oh no! Jennifer’s closed? That’s too bad! Brasserie Swiss was great too, but they closed a while back as well. :frowning: The only place close by that serves German food is Traveler’s Rest on Route 100 in Ossining. They make a decent jaeger schnitzel and spaeztle and I’m sure they could do more by request if you call and ask.


Thanks. I saw Traveler’s Rest when I was googling alternatives and the Yelp reviews did not inspire confidence. Have you been lately?

He requested a total 180 change to the Peruvian place in Ossining (Aji Limo) so we will be returning there.