Alternative Bone Broth Recipe

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if there is a more convenient alternate mixture of store-bought ingredients one could combine to create an acceptable, nutritionally valid, substitute bone broth recipe that eliminated the classic method of making bone broth, and replaced it with say for example, something like taking conventional bone broth and adding the necessary ingredients to bring it up to an approximate facsimile of the tried and true method of making bone broth which ends up involving storing 20 quart jars in your refrigerator?

Vitamin Pills and Amino Acid and Collagen supplements.

Not a broth, but how about a bone butter?

eat gelatin. :slight_smile:

I boil broth, pack it in ziploc bags, and store it in the freezer. In case that works for you.

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I don’t know much about the difference between kitchen made and store bought bone broth… but I buy this. Maybe it helps or maybe not.

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