Are you concerned about carcinogens in pine nuts in general or of those coming from China ?

From China. Call me misinformed or uneducated but I have become suspicious of foodstuff from that country although I’ve never been there…but I have been to Japan.

Why not just buy Italian pine nuts, then?

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Walnuts and pistachios are cheaper and I like them just as well…

True, but your first post about this:

made it seem like you thought all pine nuts were imported from China. So I wondered whether you knew you had options.

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Out of curiosity I just looked to see if TJ/s discloses origin for their pine nuts, which are some of the best-priced near me, and they say Vietnam, Korea, and Russia.

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Even more options!

One of the worst sources of carcinogens in food is the arsenic in American-grown rice, especially brown rice. Much of the rice produced in the U.S. is grown in former cotton fields in Arkansas where the soil contains large amounts of arsenic from the pesticides used on cotton. Country of origin is not necessarily a reliable guide to food safety.


For next time - add some fish sauce!

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I live in a very remote place, so options are quite limited and when I make pesto it is “of the moment” and I do not stock pine nuts in my pantry but I do keep and use walnuts fairly regularly. It’s over an hour round trip to go to a TJ’S so I seldom do - with summer traffic and winter road conditions I just mosey down to my little general store and buy what I can find…

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