Alma Nove [Hingham MA]

On Saturday I had what had to be at least my 50th lunch at Alma Nove, it being my father’s preferred spot for our weekly Saturday lunch (he is fond of white tablecloths). I have to hand it to them, the food is consistently good and the service polished and cheerful. There is nothing earth-shattering about their menu but they execute everything on it well (and I have had everything on it other than shellfish). If you need a reliable white tablecloth place on the South Shore I do not believe that you can do better and you can certainly do worse. I would love to find some alternatives purely for the novelty but Square Café, the Salt Box and PJ’s have been nowhere near as good. In the summer we alternate Alma Nove and Jake’s (my favorite) but Jake’s won’t reopen for months. We went to Legal C Bar at Derby Street for Christmas (few options that day) and found it better than we expected (FABULOUS server and decent food). I think we need to try Scarlet Oak Tavern.

Scarlett Oak Tavern is quite good. I would definitely give it a try. I like their scollops with lobster risotto, but I know you don’t eat shellfish, so you might want to try their haddock with potato crust in a corn chowder. Very good. They also have really good deserts. We also like Tosca and Cafe Tosca but both have limited menus although Tosca has a long and respectable wine list. One of our favorites is Mezzo Mare for home style Italian. Freshest fish in town. Love their haddock mediterranio (sp). They also still have tomatoes that taste like tomatoes even in Winter.

By the way, we also like Alma Nova. Very good bartending along with good food.


Thanks CocoDan. We used to like Tosca a lot but are limited to lunch now. Will definitely try Scarlet Oak Tavern this winter.