All you can eat oysters

San Leon oyster fest next Saturday the 29th. With the crazy price of oysters now the 25 bucks cash at the door is worth it for all you can eat. I’m easily seeing four to five dozen. I’ll be matching Wifeacita oyster for oyster.


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I’m easily seeing four to five dozen. I’ll be matching Wifeacita oyster for oyster./quote]

Now, this is something to prep for! Good luck. Go for six! (they’re small).

Location in title please!!! Dam you had me so excited!!!

Sorry, I thought it defaulted to Houston. Not too late to grab a flight, fly in to Hobby instead of IAH and I’ll pick you up, it’s on the way.

By the way, I’m the erstwhile Jamescristinian from chowhound, I do believe we had a few friendly exchanges.

You remember me from chow? Dam!!! Guess my disguise isn’t working!!!

Yes I do remember you too! Nice running into you as well, just a FYI the post is on your local board but it shows on the main page just under regional, so when I read it I made a poor assumption. Won’t be able to hope the flight but you be sure to have some for me!!

Just out of curiosity what are considered local oysters for you?


I have this on my schedule and hope to be there if I’m up to it.

I’m not understanding why the headline says at Topwater Grill but the website doesn’t mention Topwater, only the park. I realize San Leon is a pretty small place but Topwater is in the very SE corner and the park is about at the furthest NW corner, practically in Bacliff.

Your disguise is the best. I must admit I chuckle out loud and vomit a bit in my mouth every time I see it.

Local oysters are usually from Galveston Bay or a satellite such as East Bay. The best Texas oysters are generally considered from Matagorda Bay, about a hundred miles SW of Houston, home to the best speckled trout and redfish fishing I have encountered up and down our coast.

Oysters are dependent on salinity. We tend to get too much or virtually no rainfall so ideal is hit or miss.

We also get oysters further SW from San Antonio or Aransas bays.

Interesting, blue points are my local (NJ) however I prefer west coast Kumamoto’s the best.

I never see Texas oysters exported to where I live. How do they taste?

Texas oysters are not as briny and are much larger than east or west when they are in season (about Nov-April). This is the end of the season so not sure why they are having this now. The oysters are alswo dependent on water temp and we’ve had a warm winter. When in season they are fat and delicious. When not in season they are small, milky, and the flavor is not there. I don’t eat Gulf Coast raw oysters in the summer as they are prone to the bacteria Vibrio vulnificus which poisons a few people annually. I love that east and west oysters are not so limited, and I really love the flavor. The best thing about gulf coast oysters up until about 5 years ago was the price, $4-5/dozen at happy hours. That all changed when the guy who literally wrote the book on oysters spearheaded the effort to categorize them by location and now they are $15-25/dozen.

Sex, Death and Oysters


MAN! I’m sorry to miss this. I wonder if they will be properly chilled since they are shucking so many! Look forward to the report.

The official reason for the late date is celebrating the end of oyster season. I think February would be a better month, generally nice weather and cold water.

We’re rolling the dice and taking the drive due to the high prices. Thanks Walsh, another strike against you in my book.