All is back to normal at Frenchette NY

Pre-pandemonium one of the hottest tickets in town was Frenchette. The place was always packed. The lighting was beautiful and so was the crowd (with the exception of moi meme). The food while not necessarily spectacular was solid. The frites though were fabulous. It had the all the ingredients of a McNally place without being one.

We had a meal there last fall when restaurants in NYC had reopened for indoor dining. Frenchette was cautious and only did outdoor. We had a wonderful lunch one late afternoon where the light was filtering through the trees in the way that film makers are always using to capture that certain mood.

Frenchette didn’t reopen immediately when the restrictions were lifted. I kept checking for reservations but only saw the notice they weren’t open. We consoled ourselves by buying bread and gougeres at the bakery.

Finally reservations open up and I pounce. As I read the confirmation I note that it says in order to dine inside you must be vaccinated and provide proof otherwise you will be seated outdoors. First time I’ve encountered that.

When we arrive we are asked for proof and I show the excelsior app and we are whisked right in. As we step through the doors we find the place is buzzing. It’s like you went through a wormhole and traveled back in time.

I’ve been reading about people living in shorts and sweats since early 2020. Well you better have your game on if you come here. Slinky dresses and stiletto heels were back. Lots of linen shirts to counter the heat. A great sound track made you feel as though you were in a club. Lots of people hugging and giving air kisses. Just like it was 2019. Clearly I was under dressed unlike my lovely wife.

So how was the food? Fabulous. Oysters to start. Can anyone tell me why they serve the little chipolata sausages with the oysters? Odd but I love chipolatas. Every time we go to France I buy a pack with some eggs and a baguette for my breakfast.

We get the bread butter and radishes. I know people will think it’s highway robbery if a place charges for bread and butter but withhold judgment until you try said freshly baked mini baguette from their own bakery and the cultured french butter. And is there a prettier plate of radishes?

For the main I have duck frites. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bigger piece of duck. Crisp skin and rosy inside. Came with bernaise sauce. No matter how much I try, I cannot stomach tarragon. Cannot stand the stuff. Poured a little on my plate, took a taste and said nope. The frites were fabulous as usual properly served with mayonnaise.

Oh to be in a packed house with great music and the chatter of a crowd as background digging into a great plate of food that I didn’t have to cook and wouldn’t be cleaning up after was such a wonderful thing. Just like the good old days.


Thanks for the report!

Someone was telling me about a meal at Dirty French last week and I immediately thought wistfully of Frenchette.

Not sure I’m ready for really indoor dining yet, but it was nice to relive it through your words.

Duck looks fabulous!