all day breakfast at micky d's

apparently isn’t going well. of course, it hasn’t even been two weeks…

Yeah, that was one of the main concerns. Having to expand the menu (which customers do like) will slow down the service (which customers do not like). I hope McDonald will stick with it and try to resolve the problem as best as they can. For example, offering only some of the more popular breakfast items instead of the entire (near entire) breakfast menu. In my opinion, this is a growing pain and the execution wasn’t completely smooth, but it can be made successful.

We also need to put other things in respect as well. For example, the band perception of McDonald has been very high:

"McDonald’s has reached its highest buzz score in 2015, up 17 points since the beginning of August and 10 points over the average fast-food chain, YouGov notes. "

““The consideration scores, which are not easy to move, but we’ve seen that upward trend since the launch of the all-day breakfast, and that’s really encouraging news for McDonald’s,” Marzilli said.”

The stock has soared.

“The stock is up double digits since the breakfast announcement at the start of last month.”


Thanks for reminder. Just went and got my McDonald McMuffin at 11 PM. It was so cool. :smiley: There was a long “Drive through” line.

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Did you get whipped cream and chocolate syrup on your cawfee? Why didn’t I think of that?! Looking forward to having breakfast for dinner soon. I feel so dumb, I got up and ate breakfast at the regular time the other day, not even taking advantage of the new thinG!

P.S. Ever put the hash brown IN your sandwich? I do it all the time with my sausage McMuffin. So good!

I got the Frappe. I should have known Frappe is a coffee drink, but I just got it because I haven’t tried in.

Just last week, I ordered a Frappe which does not even have coffee in it. It was at a mom and pop store).

No, I haven’t done it – putting the hash brown in my sandwich. At least, I didn’t do it last night.

I think I’ll ask for caramel next time I get a coffee. Though, the frappe does look and sound tasty. Definitely try the hash brown in the sandwich thinG. You’ll thank me. :slight_smile:

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I do it as well! My first thought when they rolled out breakfast all day was “have to have a hashbrown-quarterpounder with cheese”. So, I did, and it was good! :hamburger:

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OOOOH! Game on! And now I resent you, because I’d like to try that RIGHT NOW instead of eating my nutritious and economical leftovers. :slight_smile:

Hahahahaha :slight_smile:

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