All Day Baby x Bar Le Côte - 2 night collaboration

All Day Baby x Bar Le Côte
2 night collaboration

All Day Baby and the team from Bar Le Côte/Bell’s (Los Olivos/Los Alamos) got together to have some fun in Silver Lake. In chatting with Lien, we found that this is also a test run as ADB is preparing to open for evening dinner service in the near future and some dishes tonight will be available.

Bell’s Cup - Strawberry brandy, Pimm’s, citrus, cucumber
Send buckets of this refreshing drink to me because I could have one (or more) every night

Kusshi oysters & mignonette
Peel & Eat Shrimp & cocktail sauce
These oysters were on par with what I had at Majordomo over the weekend, and those shrimp were perfectly poached and covered with a delightful (and proprietary) BLC seasoning…I wonder if they sell it. :thinking:

Tomato Salad - salt & pepper mayo, Cajun XO sauce, cider vinegar
Hands down the favorite dish of the night by our entire table. The tomatoes are pristine and the sauce created by the mayo, vinegar and XO sauce is ridiculous in taste and texture. This will be on the dinner menu and we will be back just for it. I had to steal @estarla’s IG photo because we were animals and just dug in.

Manila Clams - BLC chorizo, fried bread, white wine
This was a good dish. Nice to see it made with Mexican chorizo instead of Spanish.

To this point, my only complaint was there was no bread to sop up the sauce from the tomato salad and the clams…wasted sauce makes me a little sad.

Pulpo Con Papas - Spanish octopus, Weiser fingerlings, saffron aioli, frisée
Tender charred octopus and crispy potatoes and aioli? Sign me up!

Brick Cornish Hen - Mom’s sour cream gravy, fried lemon & onions, lemon pepper
This was a delightful hen…lots of flavor and the fried paper-thin lemon and onion slices gave so much flavor and texture. I’d never had sour cream gravy before (a family recipe from Chef Whitener) and it did provide a nice contrast…and kept the hen moist. My hen was a touch over cooked, but I appreciated the effort. This will also make the ADB dinner menu.

Lemon Semifreddo - pickled cherries, brown butter, cashew meringue
One of my dining companions said the meringue reminded him of a macaron…the way it shattered and chewed. This was a perfect way to end the meal…light and refreshing…those pickled cherries should be sold in bulk like the house strawberry jam.

Sightings tonight…the team from Little Coyote and Royce Burke. Maybe a couple of more we didn’t recognize.

We had a great time. Service was amazing. Plates cleared and new silverware with each course. If this is a sign of dinner service to come, I think we’re in for a real winner with ADB.


Thanks for the report back @attran99. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear that ADB is gearing up for dinner and you got a preview of some of their dishes.

So did Bar Le Cote team end up making some of the dishes (the ones you didn’t mark as possibly making the dinner menu)? Or did they only do the drinks?

We never made it to ADB for dinner pre-pandemic, curious how that menu was in comparison. Thanks!

Bar Le Côte is a seafood-centric affair. They helmed all the seafood courses were theirs.
Drinks were curated by the ADB cocktail program.
From what I hear, dinner will be significantly different than what’s offered during the day.