Ali Ahmed Aslam - R.I.P. (the "inventor" of chicken tikka masala)


While I knew the dish was British I’d never looked into any origin stories. Very interesting - another successful culinary ‘invention’ in response to a customer’s request. Here, here!

Interesting story in the link to Balti, also. Thanks for posting.

P.S. I want one of those red shirts.

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One of those dishes that I know are “inauthentic” for purists, but I love it. Fun story, and RIP to the chef. Never knew he was in Glasgow though - fascinating!

Another obituary:

This origin story is curious, because to me ctm has always seemed a derivative of butter chicken, a dish known in India as a way of using up leftover tandoori chicken.

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I doubt anyone would question its heritage. Ali would surely have knowledge of murgh makhani.