Alex Bois' (formerly of High St.) bread now available at City Hall, Philadelphia

As you may know, Alex Bois, the baker whose tenure at High Street on Market gave them their reputation as the city’s best bread bakery, moved on from High St. a while ago. It’s been pretty hard to get a hold of his bread since then, I believe he’s been making bread for restaurants, and he’s launched a new venture called Lost Bread Co., but as of now there’s still no brick and mortar store you can go to and get all the various loaves of his bread. Supposedly there will be in the next month or two.

In the meantime, there is a tent where you can get it right now: on the north apron of City Hall, in the “Wintergarden” that’s set up there for the holidays. They have about 7 different loaves on hand, as well as buns, cookies, panettone, and sticky buns. Loaves of bread are a ridiculously low $6 each, and they’re great. I’ve been getting the seeded one, there are free samples on offer so you can try them all. The people there mentioned that you can get the bread at the two Center City DiBruno’s locations too but I think they only have one or two types available.

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Apparently I was mistaken, you CAN go to Lost Bread Co’s brick and mortar location and buy their bread: