Aldi Yea/Nay/Meh Thread

At @ChristinaM’s suggestion, here’s a thread for all things Aldi. I’ll start:

YEA: peppercorn and/or rotisserie marinated turkey tenderloin. Good flavor, compact for storing in fridge or freezer, easy weeknight prep.

NAY: their incredibly slow restocking of shelves (place always seems half-empty and stuff is always in the wrong spot) and using only one or MAYBE two cashiers. I like the place, but if its busy, shopping there is a nightmare.

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Very reasonably priced frozen goose.

But, generally speaking, of the UK’s two major discounters, we prefer Lidl. Their range of products simply suits better than Aldi.

Thanks, @gcaggiano!

Nay: chicken parmesan ravioli (frozen special buy) - there’s barely any chicken to speak of and it’s minced to the texture of cat food, buffalo-chicken shaved raw chicken breast (blergh), low fat Wheat Thins knock-offs (just nowhere as good as the original, Clancy’s cheese melt (saltier and not as good as Velveeta); shelf-stable pesto (not very fresh tasting); deluxe brownie mix with chocolate chips (not dark enough and don’t compare to Ghirardelli)

Yea: (I have many - here are a few that spring to mind) 80% dark chocolate, original veggie meatballs, center-cut or thick-cut bacon, aged white cheddar, white cheddar popcorn in the black bag, almond butter, organic peanut butter, whole milk cottage cheese, 15 minute quick-cook brown rice, Italian bronze-cut pasta; jarred artichoke hearts in water, Cara Cara oranges, individually-wrapped black tea bags, freeze-dried strawberries, pistachios, organic marinara, cheap organic milk and cage-free eggs, and I like the crappy lowbrow mac n cheese and the fancier organic varieties

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I’ve never been in either an Aldi or a Lidl. We’re getting one each here in the next couple of years. Aldi across from a Giant Food and Lidl in the center(ish) of a triangle formed by a different Giant, a Fresh Market, and a Whole Foods. We just had a Shoppers close. We have two Safeways one of which is truly horrid. How often do you see a grocery review refer to gang drug battles in the parking lot?

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YEA: Their Naan, consistently $2 cheaper than the Stonefire brand that most places carry. While I’m not a huge fan, its more than serviceable if I can’t get to the Indian market.

NAY: Their Indian simmer sauce. We do a LOT of Indian in our house, and need two jars for each meal. While I always doctor it up, the sauce initially must be good on it’s own. Most places carry Patak’s which is very good but priced at $3.69-$4.89 per jar. You can see why I was so excited to see Aldi’s jars come in at $1.89. That’s a big saving, especially two per meal. But alas, you get what you pay for. It was weak and watery without much flavor to speak of. Same exact problem with Lidl’s version of the same sauces.

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Yea: chocolate super premium ice cream - it’s like 325 cal/ .66 cup and amazing. Cream, milk, sugar, cocoa, eggs(?). That’s it.

Yea: gf pretzels - super crunchy, light and delicious. Way better than conventional - have won multiple friends over.

Nays: raisin bread, cheese curls, canned tuna, canned pineapple, cream of mushroom soup, wheat thins (mentioned above), cream cheese, chocolate milk (goes bad too fast)

Yays: Black Bean Chipotle Burgers, Vegan Spicy Meatballs, Summit Ginger Beer, Vintage Irish Cheddar (and other cheese)