ALDI faves 2021

I could only find an old thread from 2018, so I was hoping to revive the topic.

My current faves at Aldi:

  • avocadoes
  • four gem lettuces
  • baby spinach
  • turano bread
  • fresh fish (!)
  • coconut-chocolate-quinoa bites
  • brioche burger buns

!!!Pounds fists on table!!!

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How nice to see you.

I can’t seem to find anything to buy at Aldi here and thus hardly go there. The worst thing is I can’t just walk out of the store so it’s wasting time queueing with other shoppers in order to exit.

The partner found 2 cans of “Aldi IPA” not long ago.

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Aw, thanks! It’s been a hot minute :wink:

I forgot - are you stateside or in Yurp? Selection of products varies widely, of course. It’s generally not a shopping destination for me during my summers in Berlin.

“Yurp”? :rofl: :joy:

LOL… then I’m in Yurp. I did check out Aldi in some places in Germany just to see what they had. It was always around Christmas-NY time and noticed they had lots of things we never have here in (food) hell.

A few years back the partner got a pack of Lebkuchen out of curiosity. I took one single bite. Tasted artificial and much too sweet.

These days I get it from Lebkuchen-Schmidt in Düsseldorf. But not 2 consecutive christmases for obvious reason. I prefer being in Nürnberg for the Lebkuchen. And when I’m there I scoff at Lebkuchen-Schmidt! Nürnberg is the most amazing place in which to eat Lebkuchen. Here Schmidt is my last resort.

Oh, duh. I just remembered who you are. My bad. As I said, it’s been a hot minute :wink:

I got decent Lebkuchen here (someone brought it), but I think it was TJ’s. Nürnberger is best, natch.

LOL… I know. I stopped watching the news all together back in Feb this year. Blocked out all new sources and still check mail only once a week just to delete junk mail.
_ _

We don’t drive and there’s no bus or train to Düsseldorf for 2 years now. This stupid “pandie” (as in “pandemic”) made me want to have a go at making Stollen, otherwise the pandie is good for absolutely nothing.

Aus eigener Herstellung!/ From “I made it myself” bakery!


That stollen! Great job! The appropriate amount of marzipan, too <3

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They usually have interesting snack options, like sweet potato chips. And a good cheese selection.
Also they have canned vegetable soups that are pretty good, large cans for two dollars. Good to have on hand in cold weather.
Replying from the US

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A couple of my favorites include the (now very expensive) sweet potato chips mentioned by @FormIsContent and 70% Moser Roth label chocolate. They also have French fries from Belgium with just potatoes, oil, and salt in the ingredients. I can’t even find that at Trader Joe’s.

@Presunto, I stopped with the news many years ago. As long as you have other hobbies (some people’s hobby is the news), you will be much happier. Anything really important, your friends and family will tell you. Enjoy!


Interesting about the fries! Our household is a huge fan of the Lamb Wesson fries – if you are familiar with them, how do they compare?

I plan on going back today bc they have a large package of cold-smoked salmon that is very, very good :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen Lamb Weston at restaurant supply shops. The ingredients list isn’t as simple, if I recall correctly, so I never tried them.

I’m traveling, but your comment made me curious. I wasn’t aware that LW fries have a complicated list of ingredients, so I’ll have to have a look-see when I get back.

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As I get older, the abrasion from dextrose, etc really bothers my pallate.

Gotcha. Nothing on that list bothers me, and they’re our favorite fries (plus we have a shit ton in the basement freezer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), but thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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