Aldi - Deals!

I’ve just heard it pronounced as All - dee. No idea if this is universal…

Sea queen jumbo fried shrimp are very good for the price. They bake up nicely and go well with tarter sauce. Try a box out.

Around here I hear everyone pronounce it “Al dee”

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Regarding pronunciation, on the 4th line of the first paragraph is a link to hear the word:

That is correct based on the German

The tv was on in the other room while I was fixing lunch and I heard the person talking pronounce it All dee several times and it sounded so wrong.

Went to Aldi for the first time in a long time based on positive feedback here.

I looked more closely for organic options in dairy and produce, and was pleasantly surprised. They also had lots of holiday cheese - wax-covered cheddars and edam and goudas, other interesting flavors, and the elusive flat box of fondue that disappeared from TJ.

Pleasantly surprised to see packages of individually vacuum sealed center cut wild salmon and some other good fish choices in the freezer, also the flat boxes of cook-in-bag mussels that TJ used to stock. No organic poultry or meat that I could see. Fish was priced similar to Costco, but in a smaller package which is a positive for me. Also, the pieces of salmon were actually better portioned - the Costco ones always seem too big.

The only store in nyc leaves a lot to be desired in terms of shopping atmosphere, but if you have the time to comb through, there are certainly a lot of great deals.

I will say that I’m more comfortable buying meat/fish there in the winter when I don’t have to worry about their food safety practices (the only other time I was there, they had a huge display of fresh pastas that should have been refrigerated but were stacked next to the dried options).


Very true!

The first time I stepped into an Aldi’s I was unimpressed. It was over 10 years before I visited one again. The second time I came armed with recommendations and looked more closely. Now it is the first place I go for many items.

They have had Kerrygold butter lately! It usually shows up each autumn.

Curious what’s on that list!

Look for the Never Any! label with green on the package - that’s the organic/natural line

I don’t recall the original list of recommendations.

Regular purchases for me:
Dairy: Half and half, eggs, cheese (selection of blocks rotate), butter, cream cheese.

Dry Goods: They have a nice assorted cracker box that has replaced a similar one from TJ’s. Dark chocolate bars (hazelnut or orange), Duke’s mayo, nuts, canned beans.

Produce: ( turns over very fast at my location) Summer berries are always great and best price in town. Grapes this year were been better quality that 4 other grocery stores and less expensive. Pepper assortment, mushrooms, celery (theirs has leaves still on!), cabbage, summer squash varieties, avocado, mango, clementines, carrots, radish. Cilantro, spinach, spring mix.

Housewares and personal care areas are small. The unscented babywipes are inexpensive and great for a quick cleaning of paint in the studio.

Their special purchases change frequently and can be good - this summer found Izzy’s citrus drinks!
I haven’t explored their frozen foods much but have found some interesting vegetable mixes in the special purchase freezers. The scallops that Christina and Scubadoo recommended this summer are a terrific bargain, very tender and flavorful and rated well ecologically iirc.

Last winter they had paperwhites + vase for forcing at 2.49! Th e blossoms were very long lasting.

Things I seldom buy at Aldi’s:
Tomatoes, sour cream (I prefer a specific brand), potatoes & onions (a bag is usually too much for me), ground meat (had too many hard bits in it).

First time to Aldi: Greenville,TX.

4 lbs navel oranges - $1.79 (good)
Large eggs - .78
Avocados(4) - .49 each (good)
French baguette $1.69 (baked up crispy but tasted just ok)
Solid white tuna $1.15 (good value)
Coconut caramel fudge cookies reminiscent of yes yes $1.35 (good)
Green grapes $1.39 lb. (no good)
Gouda cheese in red wax $2.99 (good)
Euro chocolate bar w/raisins/nuts $2.49 (good)
Sharp & mozzarella cheese(shredded) $1.99 lb.(ok)
Kerrygold butter 8 oz. $2.85 (see below)

My husband picked up several other canned items like fruit and a can of chili with no beans($1.09). I don’t hold out much hope for that…lol… So a total of $35,

Tried checking out the frozen seafood aisle to see what country the scallops and fried shrimp originated from. Distributed by so and so USA is a red flag for me.But there was a woman breathing down my neck behind me so I shut the door and moved on. Only wide enough room for one cart at a time. Will try again.

I have to say my biggest disappointment was the Kerrygold butter. My husband and I both agreed it tastes no different than the store brand we always buy.

All in all we enjoyed moseying through Aldi and will be back to see what else is new.

Glad you had a chance to check it out!

I purchased several of the avocados today - they had varied stages of ripeness and the price is really good for my area. Grapes were very good all autumn from Aldi’s. Last batch I purchased elsewhere wasn’t. I think we are at the last of the season so I’m on to citrus. Halo’s looked good and the price was nice.

I like the European butters for baking. The butterfat content is higher ie less water. Depending on what you are baking this can make a difference!

Interesting article about it:

Even though if you look at the nutritional facts, you might think the butterfat is the same in supermarket-brand butter and fancy butter. However, it is not. I haven’t completely understood why this is the case, but empirically I have found it to be true.

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I bought the butter with expectations of it tasting exceptional on bread. Oh well😊

This is my question. Do any of the euro butters taste any better on bread? If so, what brands do you recommend? I haven’t been there in a while but I’d like to try some other brands of butter to taste on bread/bagels.

It has been a while since I had and used the Euro butter that way. Years ago I did a taste testing for staff and customers at a grocery store. I think Lurpak was the one I liked best. I did not care for the cultured butters - just not to my taste.

Just eating on bread I’m quite content with regular American butter. I do see a difference when baking. But not enough of a difference to pay a huge amount more! The price at Aldi’s is at the sweet spot for me!

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Thanks for the info. I’m not a baker so I’m just wondering about the straight flavor on breads, veggies, or even steak. I’ve gotten some euro butters from whole foods and Wegmans and I never really tasted much of a “wow” factor. Granted they were good, but maybe my taste buds didn’t appreciate the subtle difference. A few dollars more won’t kill me, but I’m just wondering what you guys have experienced.

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That’s how I feel too!

DD#1 and SIL have been hosting a family Get on Christmas Day for several years. She is an enthusiastic Aldi shopper; and served an oven warmed, spiral-sliced ham bought there as her meal centerpiece. It was terrific!