Aldi - Deals!

My area was among the first of the US Lidl openings. It was a zoo for several months. 1.5 years later it has slowed down.

It has been interesting to see the changes since they opened. They have eliminated the self service electronic scales/pricing machines that were in produce & bulk food. Not sure if there is still one in the bakery since I’m not a big fan of their baked goods. They have increased the amount of non-food offerings by a lot. My location looks to be adding self checkout stations.

There are some good buys to be had. Prices are usually identical to Aldi’s. My Aldi’s is older so Lidl has a bigger inventory. But my Aldi’s is cleaner, faster and better managed than my Lidl.

If the Lidl near us is a mini Walmart we will be sticking with ALdi but our hope is that these two new competing stores aren’t redundant on food and that Aldi moving across the highway into a much larger space means more food choices not just more of the same food on the shelf and that the produce dept will be expanded. Both will have ample parking. Both will be mobbed.

:crossed_fingers:it all matters.


Keep us posted! I have not been in a newer/bigger Aldi so am quite curious.

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First trip to Lidl. I bought a bag of eight lemons, 6 fresh bogo pastries/breads, frozen mushroom truffle pizza, frozen mini crabcakes, 1 pomegranate, 1 bag shredded coleslaw mix and pd. $21.00. Tons of employees at Grand O, every register open, parking ok not great, DJ kinda disappointing😉. Lemons this week at grocer are $1 ea. so I felt my sneak peek was worthwhile. I saw dozens of Aldi like products but inexpensive fresh boho baked goods was Hoppin. Produce looked nicer but still ltd. will return.
No alcohol. Rec’d $off coupons at entrance and at checkout to use during Dec. phone app for deeper discounts was a breeze at checkout.

Then I headed over to new Aldi space. Still under construction but trying to compete w Lidl opening. The store is roomier, same products for now but visable price signs and packaging. Aldi had only 4 employees in the new space not greeters, inventory and two as cashiers. Wont return until construction is complete. Rec’d $5 coupon in the mail off order good for two wks. Left empty handed.

My quick impression, its going to depend which side of the highway you want to travel to. The stores arent that diff on product. Diff customer experience tho.

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Didn’t see them when I was recently there but last year this time they had their VitaMix knock off on sale. A fraction of the price of the VM and very powerful. I think I bought 2-3 last year, one for each kid and an extra just in case.

I put it up against my VitaMix and although not quite as good, was very effective. I didn’t want to push it to the limit I push the VM but feel it could come close but life expectancy may suffer. Still at the price it is a low cost replacement

I got Parm Regg and Pecorino Romano for a steal at the Greenville, SC Lidl. But a bottle of house-label red was borderline undrinkable.

Agree re: customer experience. Lidl was much shinier and a pleasanter shopping experience.

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Maybe it’s the store near me (Connecticut) but I only go in for their dark chocolate for baking. No wines allowed in ct. I find the store depressing.

The Mason Roth bars are very affordable for baking. If you ever use “regular” baking bars, Aldi has them as seasonal items right now. $1.50/each, unsweetened or semi-sweet varieties. Much more affordable than the Baker’s bars at other grocery stores. The Baker’s bars look like this:

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Yes, it’s the Madison Roth bars that I buy. Thanks.

Möser Roth, I think?

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Yes, that’s it. No idea why I have Mason stuck in my brain.

The bogo fresh pastries were disappointing except for the chocolate chip cookies. My wife enjoyed them. The pretzels, croissants, danish and mini bread rolls were stale quickly and if they were baked with real butter I would be surprised. At .45 cents for two its not a complaint, just a heads up.

All the produce is fine and a better value than elsewhere. We enjoyed the frozen pizza and crabcakes. The lobster cakes were meh. The fresh flowers are holding up.

The Lidl app sends alerts twice a week, weekly and monthly specials. I like the apps one code capture feature you use at checkout for deeper discounts. I wish offers like this app were at markets everywhere.

Q: Is there enough interest in Lidl to start a separate Lidl topic to follow purchases like we enjoy for TJ, Costco and Aldi?

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That was my experience. They had a nice little vegetable tart but it seems to have been phased out. The donuts had an odd muffinish texture. I no longer bother with the fresh baked goods after trying a dozen or so items. Too bad - the aroma as you enter the store is so nice!

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Last year I seemed to be the only one. Now that their market has expanded to more populated areas that may change. I hope so!

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And mine was auto correct…

I scored really big at Lidl today so I took the plunge!

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Aldi here in Houston has 1 lb bags of pre-washed Brussels sprouts for $0.45. They are really nice too. Saw similar at local HEB for over $2.

Their little boxes of sea salted caramels are some of the best I’ve had.


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Yeah that is a steal. I recently bought Brussels on the stalk and in bags. Neither were this low in price. And I love brussel sprouts

Is the stores name pronounced Al di or All di ?